What are you looking at fool? Get Lost! Lionel Messi taunts to Weghorst

Footballer Lionel Messi

What are you looking at fool? Get Lost! Lionel Messi taunts to Weghorst

Footballer Lionel Messi of Argentina’s taunt “What are you looking at, fool” video clip went so viral that stores in Argentina included various mugs, shirts, and other items with Messi’s phrase. Lionel Messi said this to a Netherlands football player named Wieghorst in an interview after the quarterfinal of the Fifa Football World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Messi kept looking at other way and taunted the player in Spanish. A store owner in Argentina said he sold about 500 T-Shirts in one day that featured Messi’s slogans. Thus Messi’s taunt became a source of business in Argentina.

In the illustrious world of football, one name shines brighter than most – Footballer Lionel Messi. His mesmerizing skills, unmatched talent, and unwavering dedication have etched his legacy into the sport’s history. From the early days of his career to the pinnacle of global football, Messi’s journey has been a testament to perseverance and passion. As fans and admirers, we consider it a privilege to witness the magic he weaves on the pitch, while his impact extends beyond the game. Lionel Messi’s influence extends to inspiring generations of aspiring footballers, reminding us all that with talent, hard work, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, anything is possible. As the sun sets on his awe-inspiring career, Lionel Messi’s name will forever be etched as a legend in the pantheon of footballing gods, leaving an indelible mark on the beautiful game that will be celebrated and cherished for years to come.

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