Introducing the new AI chatbot Chatgpt


Introducing the new AI chatbot Chatgpt

What is Chat Gpt

Chat GPT (Generative-Pre-trained Transformer) is a new AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot that you can chat with it.

Chat GPT was launched by openAI on November 30, 2022. It is an AI Chatbot that can write a blog, articles, essays, poems, SEO titles, Stories, Advertisements, Drama or Movie scripts, songs, and fairy tail, and it can answer your question very clearly. In addition, it is not connected to the internet. The difference between SEO and Chat GPT is that on search engine optimization whenever you search about something SEO tells you information from an article written by someone whereas Chat GPT tells you to answer or writes you an article in a few seconds or minutes. Chat GPT content can be well written, but it may lack the depth of understanding that is present in content written by humans.


The big advantage of this AI tool is that Chat GPT is free to use and it is not connected to the internet. Chat GPT can help you to increase your IQ level. GPT learns from past conversations, and this is how it can be more personalized to other users. Moreover, you can learn anything from Chat GPT it shares tips to learn whatever you want. This tool can correct your spelling and grammar mistakes with ease. Furthermore, you can easily and quickly do keyword research using Chat GPT. In addition, one language to another language can be translated by Chat GPT.

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The arrival of Chat GPT may lead to the redundancy of content writers. Chatbots are restricted in their ability to respond to complex or nuanced requests. They may not be able to provide the service like humans. The majority often use short-cut keys to expedite their responses and sometimes it is understandable for chatbots. Moreover, chatbots also face hardship in understanding slang, misspellings, and sarcasm, which can lead to misunderstandings. Apart from these, Chatbots are unable to show empathy and emotions which can make them seem uncaring and impersonal to customers’ needs. Chatbots are limited in their ability to respond to complex or nuanced requests. They may not be able to provide the service like humans.

It is possible to identify the Content created by Chat GPT:

Yes, it can be possible for Google to detect the content created by any AI even if it is Chat GPT. AI-generated content is against Google guidelines. Thus, if you will use Chat GPT or any other AI-Generated content, Google will detect you and take action. It is not clear what action will Google will take. However, it will be harmful to your site ranking and SEO.

How to utilize Chat GPT for content writing:

You can utilize Chat GPT to generate ideas for your content. You can also use Chat GPT to find a keyword for your content writing. Moreover, Chat GPT can help you to generate ideas for your content by providing prompts. For example, you can ask Chat GPT to “generate a list of topics about workout or exercise. In addition, Chat GPT can help you in research. You can gather information about your content by asking Chat GPT to provide you with information about your topic. Likewise, Chat GPT can also write you a blog, essay, article, etc and this is how you can gather information about your topic. The best thing is if you ask Chat GPT to tell you how to be a content writer or how to improve your report it will guide you, by telling some tips that might be pretty helpful for you to improve your writing. Thus, you can utilize Chat GPT for content writing.


Chat GPT is a powerful chatbot as well as the most advanced AI chatbot which can answer any questions through chat. It can be very useful for everyone. It can write anything you want but not as the depth of understanding as content written by humans. It is also important to use it appropriately.

Is ChatGPT better than Google?

It is not accurate to compare. ChatGPT and Google are using different technologies with different purposes.

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