Revolutionary 43-Inch Laptop: Heavy Design, 32-inch TV-Sized Screen, 2.5 kg Keyboard


Revolutionary 43-Inch Laptop: Heavy Design, 32-inch TV-Sized Screen, 2.5 kg Keyboard

In a world where laptops come in varying sizes, the creator of the YouTube channel Evan and Katelyn have taken innovation to unprecedented heights by constructing the largest laptop ever recorded—a breathtaking 43-inch technological marvel. Breaking the barriers of conventional laptop dimensions, this DIY project showcases their ingenuity and the limitless possibilities in the realm of computing. Join us as we delve into the extraordinary details of this extraordinary creation and explore the remarkable features that set this colossal machine apart.

While traditional laptops range from compact 13-inch models to the more spacious 17-inch variants, the 43-inch laptop created by Evan and Katelyn defies all expectations. With a screen size typically seen on large televisions, this gargantuan machine promises an immersive computing experience like no other.


  • Designer: Evan & Katelyn
  • Keyboard: Redragon K605
  • Touchpad: LTC
  • Power: NUC 11, Two 150w Batteries for the Computer Screen
  • Process: Core i7
  • Structure made of Plywood

As we witness the unveiling of this groundbreaking 43-inch laptop with its heavy design, massive 32-inch TV-sized screen, and unique 2.5 kg keyboard, it’s clear that a new era in portable computing has dawned.

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