Social Problems Affecting Girls and Women in Pakistan


Social Problems Affecting Girls and Women in Pakistan

Women in Pakistan have faced some of the worst social problems throughout their entire history. As a whole, we are much better off in Pakistan than ever before. Women are now taking an active part in mainstream politics. They have gained increasing rights and freedom in their personal life, and have had access to opportunities to reach positions of leadership in our country. Yet, social issues have grown exponentially in our country over the past three decades. The state fails to transform the existing social relations based on dependence, oppression, and exploitation.

Women’s problems are often ignored and treated as taboo in our society, but women have the power to change that. Our ancestors wanted equality in society, and we must raise social awareness to ensure that women are given equal opportunities.

How Women in Pakistan Can Change Things

The situation outlined in the social problems infographic can be easily avoided. Women can change these situations by becoming aware and educated about their rights.

Domestic violence is also ignored because women are rarely involved in social issues. Women also have a responsibility to raise awareness about social issues. Women in Pakistan need to stand up against social injustices and harassment and social injustices.

One of the ways that women can improve social issues in Pakistan is by raising social awareness in our society. Women can change these problems by raising their voices and speaking out, demanding respect and dignity for themselves and other women. Women can make a change in society by raising social awareness. Women in Pakistan can solve social issues by speaking out and standing up for their rights and their security.


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