The Quality of education in government schools of Pakistan

government schools of Pakistan

The Quality of education in government schools of Pakistan

The quality education system is essential from human ethics to economics. There are two types of Schools in Pakistan, i.e Public Schools,s and Private Shcool. Public schools are governed by the government of Pakistan, while private schools are managed by individuals as well as N.G.O. Provisioning quality of education in the government of Pakistan school system is not good as compared to the private sector provided.

The Quality of education in government schools of Pakistan
Pakistan’s School System Needs improvement

The population of Pakistan (Demand for Quality of Education)

The rural population of Pakistan is 62% but the government of Pakistan neglects to provide good education to the children in the village, not just in villages it is the same situation in cities as well. Quality education is a rudimentary right for all children male and female and the Government has a top role to play in providing that all children have access the Quality education. It is not all doom and gloom. Government must take steps to improve education standards in a country to every child the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Education is a pillar upon which a strong and prosperous society is built. Furthermore, schools in rural low-income areas are often underfunded and understaffed, resulting in a lower quality of education. Children living in poverty are often unable to afford the costs associated with education, like uniforms, books, and transportation. As a result, they may be unable to attend a school or may have to leave out before completing secondary, middle, or higher education.

Shaping to the next generation, the teacher’s role is vital. Parents and teachers both are responsible for imparting knowledge, skills, and values to their students, and their impact extends far beyond the classroom. Pakistan’s Government implements to improve education in underserved areas and provide every child with the opportunity to succeed.


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