Why is the iPhone So Successful


Why is the iPhone So Successful

iPhone is a smartphone by Apple Company. It is made by combining the features of a computer, digital camera, and cellular phone. iPhone iOS works on an operating system that is entirely different from the operating system of other mobile platforms. The owner of Apple Company is Steve Jobs. He released his 1st iPhone in June 2007. It was the first phone to feature a touchscreen interface. iPhone features are more advance than other smartphones. Apple sold 13 million phones in 5 months after the release of its first iPhone which became a record in the smartphone world.

The iPhone app store has over 3.2 million apps available, including some free and some native apps. Android has multiple brands while Apple only has iOS. Apple has the best Customer Service all over the world which makes it easier for those customers who face any issue with their phones. Moreover, apple launched a new version of the iPhone every year with camera improvements.

Why iPhone is better than android phones

The merit features of the iPhone are that no one can hack it. iOS are more secure than android. Apple has the best security it does not approve any app to run on its own thus, it is unfeasible for a virus to run on a device and this is how all data stay safe. The resource management of the iOS platform is fantastic. iPhone requires very reduced battery capacity. The battery stability of the iPhone is long-lasting as compared to the android.

iOS has very fast and has amazing stability. Another reason behind the fastness of the iPhone is that Apple designs its software and hardware combination. Furthermore, Apple has the best ecosystem example apple AirPods, you just have to put them on your ears and they will be connected to your iPhone if someone’s calling at your iPhone and if you are working on mac book pro the call will pop up on mac book and you can receive that as well.

iPhone vs android

In addition, iPhone has more apps than android also Google apps run better on iOS than Android and the cause behind it is programming. iPhones show early access for apps that’s how you can see new apps early than android. Another specialty of iOS is that if you’re using iPhone’s old version, the system automatically updates your iPhone to its newest version while often android phones stay the same. The face time video calling equality of iPhone is the foremost in all over the mobile industries. Another specialty of the iPhone is the shortcuts where you can download videos, profile pictures, Instagram stories, battery management, ringtone management, volume, picture collage, background removal, and so forth.

Moreover, if you are switching from one iPhone to another model iPhone or making a backup there will be naught can be missed. Backup and restore can also be in android but not as perfect as iPhone. There will be certain things that can not be restored on android as compared to iPhone. The biggest and best feature of the iPhone is its security and amazing camera this is why people love to buy iPhones.


Nowadays every device comes with its advantages and disadvantages, it’s clear that iOS device has smart security, stable design, and time update, you should consider purchasing an iOS device.


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